TEDxUNB 2018


Emily McMillan

2nd Year UNB Nursing Student

Emily McMillan, 19, is a second year student in the faculty of Nursing. She has a love for people, poetry, and pasta. When not studying, you can often find her amongst friends, stirring with laughter. In her talk, she speaks of childhood experiences in which she believes has given her a “book bag” of tools that will help her to prosper within her nursing career. Loss is a part of the human experience, and it is time to view loss from a different angle.


Rick Hutchins



Rick Hutchins has been an instructor at Renaissance College for the last fifteen years and is currently the Executive Director of Autism Connections Fredericton.

Before taking his position with ACF Rick was the General Manager of the New Brunswick Food Security Action Network for three years.

Rick also has a management consulting business and is a musician in his spare time.  Rick believes “we learn best by doing”


Lee Thomas

Speaker, writer, advocate
innovative disruptor

Lee Thomas is a speaker, writer, and advocate based in Fredericton. They speak to groups of all ages and sizes about mental health and LGBTQ+ issues, with a particular focus on stigma reduction and youth mental health. Lee is a UNB alum, Mental Health First Aid instructor, contributor to The Mighty, and founder of the #MyDefinition poster campaign.

When Lee's not doing mental health stuff, you can usually find them meticulously curating their dog's Instagram account.


Emma MacDonald

4th year unb student

Emma is a recent graduate of Renaissance College, the current News Editor at the Brunswickan, an enthusiastic team member at UNB Sustainability, the third funniest roommate in her eight bedroom home, the proud and happy owner of her fav beats wireless headphones, a Scorpio sun and a Capricorn moon.

21 years of living has taught her a lot, most of which has been ignored, but the small bit of knowledge she’s managed to retain is what Emma will be sharing in her TED Talk. The process of self reflection is something she picked up when she realized the unhappiness she felt came from problems of her own creation. Come listen to Emma share what the reflection process looks like, the dire consequences a lack of reflection can produce, and how practicing reflection enabled her to change her actions and attitude to create more positive outcomes in her life.

Carl Duivenvoorden

environmental advocate
idea disruptor

Carl Duivenvoorden was raised on a dairy farm in Belledune, New Brunswick. From his early days, he always had an uneasy concern about human impacts on our global environment. In 2007, he became one of the first Canadians trained by former US Vice President Al Gore to present live versions of his Academy Award-winning slideshow, “An Inconvenient Truth”. He’s spoken to over 300 audiences since then, helping people and organizations learn how they can save money, energy and our environment.

He’s looking forward to sharing ideas on how we can disrupt that biggest disruption of all, climate change.


Anthony Boschi

2nd year arts & science student
idea disruptor

A 2nd-year arts and science student. Anthony has always been intrigued by the conceptions of abstract thought which allows for the growth of our passions and innovations. Furthermore, indulging in sports and music has inspired Anthony to learn and create when presented with new challenges and opportunities.

He likes to maintain a positive outlook on the future and hopes to be part of initiatives that promote prosperity around the world.

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